Vizzhy Inc is the world’s first full-stack metabolic signature program which addresses the root cause of metabolic diseases using its AI based multi-omics platform consisting of genomics, metabolomics, microbiome analysis and biomarkers delivered through an IoT-enabled clinical decision support system platform

What is the problem?

Metabolic health issues affect 80 % of the population because of our modern life consisting of stressful sedentary lifestylesconsumption of processed food-based diets*. Metabolic ill health can result in anything from childhood obesity to coronary artery disease in elderly persons.

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What is our solution?

Vizzhy platform analysis our gut microbiome using shotgun metagenome sequencing and various metabolites using computational biology and assesses their effects on various organs using biomarkers and tracks the lifestyle, food, and activity and combines all this information using our proprietary AI machine learning models and comes with a personalized and precise care plan to correct its factors.

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Our gut microbiome consists of trillions of bacteria belonging to 1000 species, which are responsible for the digestion of our food. There are 26000 chemicals in the food we eat and thousands of biochemical pathways to metabolize that food. All these three aspects interact in a complex pathway in our gut and affect our health and well-being To make this more complex, what we eat, how we eat, our sleep, habits, lifestyle, stress, and hormonal imbalances all affect these pathways

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